''You really deserve applauding words.... Thank you for being such a caring and important part in our daughter's first stair of education.''

Shiza Syed, Nursery A , Nursery A

''Thanks for your efforts ma'am, we are your support system but your direction matters a lot for these small children.''

Yuvika Gupta, Nursery A , Nursery A

''We as parents highly appreciate the hard work of teachers of DPS KP5, We understand everything we all are dealing with is new and tough but the efforts DPS team is putting to keep things going on smoothly is commendable...''

Vivaan Mahesh, IV B , IV B

''Kids are really happy, enjoying and are equally smiling to see their teachers. I must say, you all are working really hard and patiently at your end to make things understood at kids' level.''

Priyanshu , 4B