The Fee Structure For the Session 2024-25

Particulars Amount (In Rs.)
A School Fee :
i Composite Fee (per month) (inclusive of the Tuition Fee) 9400
ii Composite Fee (If paid quarterly) - 9400 x 3 = 28200/- 28200
B Cambridge International Curriculum Fee :
i Composite Fee (per month) (inclusive of the Tuition Fee) 9400
ii Composite Fee (If paid quarterly) - 9400 x 3 = 28200/- 28200
iii Additional Annual charges (to be paid in two installment of Rs.6600/- each in the month of April and October) 13200
C Optional Fee Components :
i Charges for the optional activities offered (Annual): As per actuals
Swimming / Cricket Academy/ Soccer Academy / Skating Academy / Tennis Academy
ii Lab Charges (for Science & Computer Science Students of XI & XII) (Annual): 4000
iii Transport Fee (for Air-conditioned buses and for all the users)
Greater Noida West Area (Per Month) 3100
Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, lndirapuram and Dadri Area (Per Month) 3500
D Compulsory Fee Components for New Admissions :
Non-Refundable Fees (i & ii)
i Registration Fee 750
ii Admission Fee (One Time Fee) (To be paid at the time of admission only) 50000
Notes :-
1. One month notice is to be given or the composite fee and bus fee for one month in case the withdrawal of student from the school & transport.
2. Fee may be paid through any one of the ways as given below:
i. In the drop box placed at the school Gate No.-02 by Cheque / Demand Draft.
ii. Online payment through School website ( using the Parent Login button.

The fee structure of an academic session is finalized as per the instructions/ approval of the SMC (School Management Committee) It also incorporates the govemrnenl's orders /instructions from time to time However, parents are required to follow the fee structure as conveyed to them through the fee bills from the accounts office
Fee Schedule (Date of Depositing)
April - May - June Up to 10th Apr
July - Aug - Sept Up to 10th Jul
Oct - Nov - Dec Up to 10th Oct
Jan - Feb - March Up to 10th Jan
Parents, on prior intimation to the accounts office, may pay the Composite fee on monthly basis, also.

Note : All fee is payable in advance on or before 10th of the concerned month. A late fine of Rs. 500/- will be charged after the 20th of the concerned month. If fee not paid by 25th of the month the name would be stuck off and re-admission fee would be charged.

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