House System


The House System is a traditional feature of Delhi Public Schools for many decades. If provides the framework for caring for students, encourages participation in cultural, academic, sporting activities and promotes leadership development and sportsmanship spirit. Points towards the prize accumulate from the various sporting and cultural/academic competitions that are held throughout the year. By setting up a House System, we believe that strong house loyalty and a sense of fun and friendly competition will capture the school atmosphere. During the year, the Houses compete against each other in a number of activities which change from year to year. Some of the activities are listed below: Physical activity competitions Organisation of Sports Events Contributing to School Culture Building Projects at the school (eg. Science Fair competition) Academic activities-Quizzes, Debates, Poetry, Poster making, Slogan writing, Creative writing etc.


The purpose of each House is to guide and support the academic, social and personal development of each student during their time at school. House leaders will build strong partnerships with students to promote a feeling of identity, belonging and love for their House. House Meetings will be held at regular times during the school year for interaction of Team members, planning duties / responsibilities etc.


Each student has been placed into one of the six Houses. Each House is identified by its own colours.

  • GANGA - Blue
  • RAVI - Orange
  • SATLUJ-Green
  • YAMUNA - Red
  • CHENAB - Yellow
  • JHELUM - Purple

Once the House is assigned, the student will remain in the same House for the time he/she is in the school. Each House is further divided into three Blocks on the basis of age group -

  • a) Block 1 - Nur to Class 2
  • b) Block 2 - Class 3 to 5
  • c) Block 3 - Class 6 to 10 and 11