The Delhi Public School Society (DPSS) is a prestigious educational institution that was founded in 1949. Operating as a non-profit and private organization, DPSS is committed to providing quality education. Led by a dedicated and selfless group of individuals, DPSS is managed by its headquarters in New Delhi.
Delhi Public Schools (DPS), under the management of DPSS New Delhi, are renowned educational establishments in India. The first school established by DPSS, initially known as DPS Mathura Road, was located at Rashtrapati Estate in New Delhi. Since then, DPS has emerged as a leading institution in the country, known for its academic excellence and holistic development of students.
Over the course of sixty years, the Delhi Public School Society (DPSS) has successfully established a widespread network of schools across India and various countries around the world. This accomplishment has solidified DPSS as one of the largest school chains globally. With their presence in major Indian cities and countries like Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE, Uganda, and more, Delhi Public Schools have expanded their reach far and wide. The DPSS Global Network comprises approximately 208 English medium, co-educational, secular schools, catering to students from Pre- Nursery/Nursery to Class XII.

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