Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

- Maria Montessori

At Delhi Public School, Knowledge Park-V, our teaching methodology is designed to ignite the flames of curiosity, nurture a love for learning, and provide an enriching environment that supports the holistic development of our students. We are committed to shaping intellectually stimulated, emotionally balanced, and spiritually aware individuals. We offer a diverse range of curricular and co-curricular activities, underpinned by educational philosophies that inspire young minds to thrive:

Play-Based Learning and Hands-On Experience:

Our curriculum is crafted around the principles of play-based learning and hands-on experiences. We believe that active participation in learning activities enriches a child's educational journey and fosters a deeper understanding of subjects.

Socio-Emotional Health:

We prioritize the emotional well-being of our students. Through our teaching methods, we promote socio-emotional health, teaching students to navigate their emotions effectively and develop strong interpersonal skills.

Experiential and Inquiry-Based Learning:

We encourage students to question, explore, and discover through experiential and inquiry-based learning. This approach stimulates critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach:

To make learning content more engaging and relevant, we employ a multi-disciplinary approach in our lesson planning. This approach helps students connect knowledge across different subjects and contexts.

Multiple Intelligence Approach:

We believe in recognizing the unique strengths in every child. Our robust counseling department identifies and addresses various learning styles, ensuring that every student can flourish.

Holistic Development:

Our commitment to holistic development extends beyond academics. From 'No Bag Days' to regular quizzing, we prepare students to thrive in the practical world while fostering a stress-free learning environment.

Constant Support:

We provide unwavering mental and emotional support to our students, helping them find resilience and optimism even in challenging times.

Use of Smart Boards:

Our teachers harness the power of audio-visual aids and smart boards to make lessons engaging, effective, and captivating.

Best of Both Worlds:

At DPS Knowledge Park-V, we offer a unique blend of CBSE and CAIE (Cambridge) primary curriculum, creating a rich and comprehensive learning experience. Our lesson plans benefit from the best practices of both systems.

Hands-On Teaching and Learning:

All our activities are meticulously designed to foster alertness, awareness, and active participation in the learning process, ensuring students remain fully engaged in their education.