Why choose this programme at DPS, KPV……

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”

DPS, KPV in its centrally air conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled campus currently offers Cambridge Curriculum to Classes Prep -V. In the coming academic session, 2024-25, admissions will be open for the Early Years Programme (Classes Nur- Prep) to Class V. The school provides for those under its care a joyful, safe and nurturing environment so that they can become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged learners.

The methodology adopted by the teachers is deeply rooted in Active Learning Strategies, to give the students opportunities to explore, experience, investigate and comprehend through hands on activities, and effective questioning.

The programme follows some key principles as prescribed in Cambridge Curriculum:

1. Experience Learning should complement the social and cultural factors (like experiences of home and community) that shape a child’s learning and development.

2. Active Children should be involved in their own learning through well-planned experiences that help them develop competence, agency, emotional attachment and self-worth.

3. Balance Learning should encourage an appropriate balance of physical, cognitive, language and communications, and social and emotional development.

4. Play Learning should be age appropriate, play-based and child centered. It should include both child- and adult-led activities.

5. Transition Early years education should help children transition successfully to primary school, moving from informal, play-based learning to teaching that is more formal.

Cambridge Assessment International Education gives Indian Schools the freedom to adapt the curriculum to Indian context. Therefore, as per the National Education Policy 2020 the three language formula is implemented in class 4 where the students can choose from French, German and Sanskrit.

Evaluation of Scholastic Domain is done comprehensively and continuously. Worksheets, projects and orals across subjects are conducted on a regular basis to evaluate their concept clarity, presentation and speaking skills, alongside Periodic Tests.

To give a child’s personality a cutting edge, it becomes imperative that the school gives its learners the tools to develop their social- emotional quotient, along with high order thinking skills. Keeping in tandem with this line of thinking, every month a theme is adopted under the programme ‘Mindful Me’ where sessions are organized for the students on table manners, importance of appropriate conduct in and outside the classrooms, use of magic words, and the power of saying no to name a few.