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School Library

“Reading maketh a full man”. – Francis Bacon

Delhi Public School, Knowledge Park –V  has two Libraries- one Sr. Library & Jr. Library, to create interest and love for reading in children and inculcate in them the habit of reading.

 The school library houses about 10,000 books on fiction & non-fiction,  to cater to the interests of all the age groups. These books are issued to the students for a period of 1 week against their bar code enabled ID cards.

Apart from this there are reference books, newspapers and other periodicals that the student can read and enjoy in the library.

Library Rules

  1. All students and staff of the school are members of the school library.

  2. A student can borrow only one book at a time for a period of one week. However, they can re-borrow the same book if the book is retuned on time and is not in demand by any other student.

  3. A staff member can borrow maximum two non-academic books at a time for a period of 15 days. However, they can re-borrow the same book if the book is retuned on time and is not in demand by any other staff member.

  4. Books will be issued to the students, during the library periods only. No book will be issued during the teaching hours. However, students can return their books in lunch break and zero period with the permission from concerned HRTs.

  5. Dog earing of pages, marking, underlining, writing on library books, periodicals, and newspapers is strictly forbidden.

  6. Reference books and periodicals (magazines) will not be issued to any member. These can be consulted only in the library.

  7. If the books are not returned within the specified time, it will be viewed seriously and late fine @ Rs.2/Day will be charged as per library rules.

  8. The Librarian is empowered to call a book at any time, even if the normal period of loan has not expired.

  9. In case of book is misused, wrongly handled or lost, the person concerned will have to replace the same book with its latest edition or pay the current MRP+20% of MRP (as penalty) for the same book.

  10. After reading, make sure that the books, periodicals and newspapers are kept back at      their respective places in proper order.

  11. The members should take good care of library furnishings and equipment. Make sure the library looks as good when you leave as it did when you came in.

  12.  Any sort of drinkables and eatables are not allowed in the library. The students are advised to drink plenty of water while moving out of their classrooms for library.

  13. A ‘No Dues Certificate’ for each member (student and staff) is to be obtained from the librarian while leaving the school.

  14.  Strict order and silence shall be maintained in the library and speak softly if needed.

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