From the desk of Head Mistress

DPS Knowledge Park-V
Ms. Anuradha Ganguly
Head Mistress, DPS Knowledge Park V

The Head Mistress Speaks…

DPS Knowledge Park –V is no doubt the fruition of a vision of the DPS Society, spearheaded by the Chairman, Mr VK Shunglu and other stalwarts of the Society.
From a handful of children in its year of genesis in April 2016 to a bustling family of enthusiastic children and staff at present, the school has , in a short span of years, come a long way. It took its initial steps in the warm and welcoming environment of the mother school-DPS Greater Noida under the watchful eyes of the Principal, Mrs Renu Chaturvedi and the benevolent guidance of Chairman, DPS Greater Noida Prof BP Khandelwal.
While in the mother school, the formative years saw children imbibe the DPS way of doing things, of striking just the right balance between tradition and modernity ; physical, emotional and spiritual growth ,as conscientious future citizens of the country .
Vistas of opportunities are open for them to discover their strengths and hone their talents so that when they pass through the portals of their alma mater, they stand out in whichever field they choose in life.
As they await their new innings from their own majestic and impressive school campus in Knowledge Park –V, they have dreams in their eyes which they shall certainly translate to reality, as the latest Delhi Public School makes a place for itself among other Core schools of its illustrious family.

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