General Rules


  • Students need to be regular and attend all the online classes according to their time table Attendance for every session is marked separately.
  • Students must be punctual . Joining classes late or leaving before the session ends is not acceptable .
  • To ensure discipline and clear audio , students are supposed to keep their mics off unless they are asked to speak .In case of a doubt ,they can raise their hands on screen .
  • Parents need to make sure that children sit in a quiet place in a proper posture to rule out any distractions and ensure effectiveness of classes .
  • Students need to keep the required books and stationery with them while attending the classes .
  • To minimise eyestrain, students should look at the textbook and avoid looking at the screen when not required .
  • Blinking eyes often and using eyedrops to comfort eyes is recommended.
  • Parents should avoid sitting in the background /speaking / interfering when a class is going on .
  • Students should wear earphones/headphones to avoid any disturbance from any noise in the background .
  • Parents need to vigilant to ensure that their ward is attending classes sincerely and not being distracted by games and videos while the classes are going on.
  • Every home task given should be completed by the children as per the instructions of the teacher .
  • Important information is shared by teachers in class groups as well as on MS Teams .You are requested to keep a track of that .
  • There are short breaks between sessions for the convenience of students .They should avoid eating or moving around during the sessions.
  • Students should complete online assignments on their own .Parents need to avoid helping them .This is important in order to gauge their progress correctly.
  • Any questions related to the child's progress can be asked during the online PTMs .For any other concerns , parents can visit the school.


  • Make sure your child has all needed school supplies in their bags before they leave from home.
  • Kids should be ready to:
    • Wear masks at school.
    • Keep a physical distance from friends.
    • Wash their hands well and often or use hand sanitizer.
    • -Parents should teach their child how to judge their physical distance from others. Use a tape measure to show your child what these distances look like. Find things in your home that are 3–6 feet apart so your child has visual cues to keep in mind..
    • -Students should try and not touch anything besides their own bags and books while at school.
    • They should sanitize their hands immediately if they happen to touch something.
  • Make sure your child has plenty of masks or face coverings that fit well and are comfortable. They should fit snugly, cover the nose and mouth, have 2–3 layers, not have valves, and be washable or disposable.
  • Put your child's name on the masks with permanent marker.
  • The students will not exchange their masks with other students.
  • When your child has lunch, the mask should be put in a bag which has been marked .They shouldn't remove their masks and keep them anywhere in the class.
  • The students should wear a fresh mask after lunch.
  • Parents to do a symptom check before the kids leave for school . If anyone in your house has any symptoms of COVID-19, even mild ones, please do not send your children to school.
  • Your child's backpack should have:
    • several masks in case a change is needed
    • a labeled bag to store dirty masks
    • hand sanitizer
  • While in Bus
    • While traveling in the bus the children will sit on their assigned seats.
    • They will not remove their masks and shall sanitize their hands before and after de-boarding.
    • The students will not be allowed to eat or drink in the bus.
    • They will put their bags at the assigned place .
    • They will maintain distance while boarding and de-boarding the bus.
  • Other rules in line with the SOPs of the administration will be followed.

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