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General Rules

  1. Every student must carry his/ her almanac and identity card to school every day.

  2. Students should affix their photograph and write the required information duly signed by their parents in the space provided in the almanac.

  3. Students who come to school on their own should arrive 15 minutes before the bell rings.

  4. The morning bell before a class or assembly is a signal for all to go to the assembly or to their respective class-rooms. This should be done promptly and in silence.

  5. Changing of classrooms between periods should be done in an orderly manner.

  6. Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed The school uniform should be worn on all working days and for all school functions.

  7. All boys (except Sikhs to use Green turban) must keep their hair short. Girls must tie their hair neatly if it is of shoulder length or longer with a green band.

  8. Care must be taken of all school property. No student should damage any school furniture; write or draw anything on the walls. Damage done should be reported at once to the class teacher.

  9. Parents are requested to ensure their children carry their personal belongings themselves to school. No lunch boxes, books, notebooks, project work, casio etc. will be taken by the guard for being handed over to the students. No calls relating to the same will be entertained at the reception.

  10. The students are to reach the school at the specified time. They will not be allowed to enter the school after that and no calls will be entertained at the security gate and reception regarding the same.

  11. Applications are to be written and signed by the parents. The student's name, class/ sec., Bus No. (in case the child avails the bus facility) and mobile no. of the parents should be mentioned in the same.

  12. It has been observed that the parents are sending unwell children for writing assignments. Please note that there is one extra test conducted for every subject in both the semesters to take care of unforeseen circumstances. So let the child take rest at home instead of forcing him/her to attend school. There is no short leave I half day leave. This is in line with the norms in other Delhi Public Schools, keeping in view of child's safety and attendance in the school.

  13. No application will be entertained requiring the student to leave the school premises for any personal/ social function i.e. marriages, birthdays, going out of station, pujas etc. Parents are requested to regulate their personal schedules accordingly.

  14. Lending or borrowing of money or other articles is strictly prohibited.

  15. Students who come to school with their escorts should never leave before the escort arrives. In case of delay, they should report to the School Office.

  16. The school reserves the right to suspend students whose progress in studies is unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students.

  17. Parents and Guardians of all students should contact the teachers on the PTM days to note the progress of their wards.

  18. Parents and Guardians must not visit their wards to teachers without the permission of the school authorities.

  19. Student's Progress Report Card will be shown to parents every term, as per the schedule. These must be duly signed by parents after discussing their ward's progress. Observations may be made, if so desired and the report card returned within two days of its receipt.

  20. The name, class and section should be clearly marked on all the belongings of the students. Blazers and jerseys should also bear the name of the student.

  21. Student who uses unfair means during tests will be given zero in the subject. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal.

  22. Student will not be called to answer phone calls during school hours.

  23. Student appointees will wear their respective badges daily.

  24. Students using the school bus shall maintain discipline in the bus. Bus facility will be withdrawn in cases where discipline is not properly maintained.

  25. The school does not permit the celebration of birthdays in the school campus or outside in restaurants, if students are in school uniforms.

  26. Parents are requested to be careful with their wards and tone while speaking to the teachers and school staff.

  27. Seek an appointment to clear your doubts or concerns rather than sending emails on any pretext.

  28. Your cooperation in this regard is solicited.

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