Fee Details

Delhi Public School Knowledge Park-V Greater Noida (West)


Non-Refundable Fee 2019-2020 (Base Year) 2021-22 (Current Session)
a. Registration Fee
b. Total admission Fee (One Time Fee) (To be paid at the time of admission only)
c. Tuition Fee (per month) 6500 6500

As per the instructions of the DFRC ‘no fee has been hiked since last three years (i.e. 2019-20).

d. Composite Fee (per month)
[inclusive of part c]
7563 7225
  • Fee charged as per the guidelines of the District Fee Regulatory Committee
  • All fees are payable monthly / quarterly by the 10th of each month, w.e.f. 01st July, 2021.

(Only after the reopening of the school)

Activity Fee – Annual
Swimming / Cricket / Soccer Academy / Skating

Optional fees will be charged, if applicable, only after the reopening of the school.

Other / Activities (competitive exams conducted by outside agencies / functions / tours & excursion trips / sports activities – after school) AS PER THE ACTUALS
Transport Fee (for Airconditioned buses) Minimum bus fee Rs. 2,600/- per month (Route wise details will be shared on resuming the bus service)
  • One month notice is to be given or an equivalent amount of composite fee will be charged towards notice period in case of withdrawal of student from the school.
  • Fee may be paid through following any of the ways as given below:
    I. In the drop box placed at the school gate Nos. 02 by Cheque / Demand Draft.
    II. Online payment through School website (www.dpskpv.com)


The fee structure of an academic session is finalized as per the instructions/ approval of the SMC (School Management Committee). It also incorporates the government’s orders/ instructions from time to time. However, parents are required to follow the fee structure as conveyed to them through the fee bills from the accounts office.

Fee Schedule (Date of Depositing)

April –May – June Upto 10th April
July – Aug – Sept. Upto 10th July
Oct – Nov – Dec Upto 10th oct
Jan – Feb – March Upto 10th Jan

Parents, on prior intimation to The Accounts Office, may pay the tuition fee on monthly basis, also.