Assesment System

Due to the unusual situation arising from the pandemic , the assessment pattern for 2020-21 has been designed to suit the present format.

The Academic Session is divided into Two Terms.
First Term : April to September.
Second Term : October to March.


There is no formal Term End Examination for students of Nursery-Prep. A Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation in conducted for the tiny tots.

Assessments are recorded by the teachers on the following parameters:

  • On the basis of children's daily performance that comprises of their responses during classes and participation in activities.
  • Regular submission of home assignments/worksheets.
  • Communication skills and following of the instructions given by the students.

Classes I to V

There are Assignments / Pen-Paper Tests in every subject. Subject wise tests are be conducted on a weekly basis.

Projects and class presentations are given to encourage experiential learning and develop confidence in the students.

Oral assessments are taken to inculcate public speaking skills. Oral assessments help children to express their thoughts and give a clarity to the facilitator about the understanding level of children, to bridge the gaps if any and help them to reach out to children to provide academic support based on their needs.

Home - Assignments are given to inculcate the sense of responsibility of work and punctuality in the students.

In order to encourage the children to work as a team, within a given time frame, they are credited for the Positive Learning Behaviour.


A minimum of 40% must be secured in every subject for promotion.

A minimum of 75% attendance is compulsory.

"Positive Learning Behaviour" comprises:

  • Punctuality
  • Discipline
  • Response in class
  • Enthusiasm in participation
  • Homework submission

Marks will not be reflected in the progress reports. However, the aggregate percentage will be shown along with grades in Terminal reports.

Assesment System -Session (2022-23)

The Academic Session is divided into Two Terms.
First Term : April to September.
Second Term : October to March.


There is no formal examination for students of Nur and Prep.

Assessment and Evaluation is done by teachers on the basis of daily performance of the students.

Regular submission of home Assignments / Worksheets. Communication skills-the way to express their thought.

Class I-II

Term 1 Weightage (in%) Term 2 Weightage (in%) Annual Weightage
Oral Assessment 10% Oral Assessment 10% First Term - 50 %
Project/ Presentation 10% Project/ Presentation 10%
Activity Based Objective Type Paper-I 20% FA 1 20%
Activity Based Objective Type Paper-II 20% FA2 20%
Holiday Home Work 10% Holiday Home Work 10% Second Term - 50 %
Positive Learning 5% Positive Learning 5%
Half Yearly Exam (September) 25% Annual Exam (Feb.-Mar) 25%
TOTAL 100% TOTAL 100%

Class III - V

Term 1 Weightage (in%) Term 2 Weightage (in%) Final Term
Orals 5% Orals 5% First Term 50%
Project/Presentation 10% Subject Enrichment Activity 10%
FA 1 20% FA3 20%
FA2 20% FA4 20%
Positive Learning 5% Positive Learning 5% Second Term 50%
Half Yearly Exam (September) 40% Final Exam (Feb.-Mar) 40%
TOTAL 100% TOTAL 100%


Academic Session is divided into Two Terms :
First Term : April to September.
Second Term : October to March.

Class First Term Second Term Final Result
VI-VIII Periodic Test - 10% Periodic Test - 10% First Term - 50%
Portfolio - 5 Portfolio - 5%
Subject Enrichment Activities - 5% Subject Enrichment Activities - 5% Second Term-50%
Half Yearly - 80% Half Yearly - 80%
(OTBA- 20% included) (OTBA- 20% included)


Subjects GRADE (Term 1 + Term 2)
Computer Science Theory (50) + Practical (50) Theory includes 10% of (As -1 + As-2) + Half yearly (30 marks)
Practical includes (10 for notebook/HHW - 20 for project +20 for Practical Activity)
III Language Includes 20 marks Average for both Assignments
+ 60 Marks for Half Yearly+ 10 Marks for Notebook
+ 10 Marks for Subject Enrichment Activity
General Knowledge 25 Marks

Please Note: -

Portfolio Submission will cover:- Regularity, Completion, Neatness & upkeep of notebook.

Subject Enrichment Activity may include the following:-

  • Speaking and Listening skills
  • Practicial Lab work
  • Maths Lab Practical
  • Map Work and Project work

FOR CLASSES IX & X : As per the CBSE assessment pattern.